Eine nichtssagende Antwort auf einen lästigen Brief

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Die Internationale Allianz gegen den Terrorismus hat in einem Offenen Brief an die EU-Kommission darauf hingewiesen, dass die Palästinensische Autonomiebehörde "Lohn" an in Israel einsitzende Terroristen ausgeben will, finanziert durch Gelder der EU und der USA.


Oben die "Antwort". Neben nichtssagenden Plattitüden, wie das die EU den Terrorismus bekämpfe, behauptet der Brief, dass die EU keine Lohnzahlung an Terroristen leiste. 


Welchen Sinn hat diese Aussage?


Gar keinen ausser dem eine lästige Information vom Tisch zu wischen.


Der Brief sagt nicht, dass die Information, auf die sich die Internationale Assoziation gegen den Terrorismus beruft, falsch sei. 


Er sagt auch nicht, dass sie diese Information überprüfen wollen und wenn sie sich bestätigt, dagegen etwas tun wollen.


Der Brief ist keine Stellungnahme, sondern ein Verwirrspiel.




Following our joint letter to Mr Barroso, UE Commission European External Action Service has sent the attached reply to IAAT mail address. 



 We may observe that 


1 it is not signed by Mr Barroso.

2 it condemns all forms of terror. (The opposite would be amazing !)

3 it states the destination of UE funds is duly verified.

4 no UE funds are earmarked for the payment of salaries to prisoners. (Again, the opposite would be surprising, wouldn't it ?) 



The question is : what do we do from here ? 


What we need to know for sure is if  PA actually rewards terrorists and their families. 


Is not UE entitled to know this ? And therefore shouldn't it ASK the question to PA.. 


In case of denial, the news should be advertised and double-checked. 


In case of non-denial, I think the least that UE should do in these days of hardship and slender means would be to deduce from its funding to PA the sum corresponding to the presumed salaries and other advantages to  terrorists and their families. The money spared could be better used in UE or elsewhere in our suffering  world.  


It would then be for PA to decide of its financial priorities : 

 providing essential services to a population in need or promoting  terrorism by granting advantages  to terrorists and their families. 


We are not selfish Europeans. We want the Palestinian  population to live in decent conditions and get the aid it needs. 


But ethical and political norms must be established, otherwise it means UE  does not mind such doings and we shall soon have ETA,  IRA or other detained terrorists claiming the same privileges from their respective states.


Very much looking forward to your assesment and feelings. 


Best wishes.  



  Huguette Chomski Magnis 

Spokesperson of International Alliance Against  Terrorism 

Secretary General of  Mouvement Pour la Paix et Contre le Terrorisme 

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